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On the road February 2021 update:

Here at the Ambassador Livestock Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc we have had a very busy month. We left Lancaster County, Pennsylvania the end of January, 2021 and headed south. As many of you know we went on a southern run about in 2020 as well. ( – Yep that was us!) Like 2020 we attended a gathering of people in the Ocala National Forest. Where we did outreach and helped however we could.

This year 2021 we traveled significantly different in the Just Us Riders “Tiny House”. The quarters were not so shared, (read cramped) and it was much better set up for the llama, alpaca, four goats and four dogs. As always we stopped in many different locations while traveling and had the opportunity to speak with the people locally about farms, food, families, and freedom. As this is the mission of the Ambassador livestock program.

We lost our long time member of our family to a tragic situation. Thaddeus D llama passed away in Fort Lauderdale Florida. He received the best veterinary care availible and was unable to recover. It is with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to this loyal faithful loving creature. Thaddeus is one of the two animals still a part of the program and organization from the earliest days when our founder farmed in Colorado.

Our Founders Good Bye to Thadous D Llama.

As we continue on with the Just Us Riders “the adventure tour” we will continue to remember him and strive to make him proud with the many actions we do across the country in 2021. Look for us in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana in the month of March 2021. Out here spreading the message of farms, food, families, and freedom.

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