Ambassador Livestock

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End of April 2021 Update

Been a really busy month April 2021. While the crew of the Just Us Riders Program has been busily involved in Neighbors Helping Neighbors, the Ambassador Livestock have spent their time relaxing and eating all the grass they can. They enjoy pulling the concrete blocks they are tied out to in the field around and making it so they can tie knots with their friends’ tie-outs. This provides hours of fun for the humans to figure out what the solution to the puzzle is. All while the goats are pulling and trying to go somewhere, anywhere that the human doesn’t want them. But that’s just being a goat with a hard head.

Tragically cute is convinced his little friends the goats are crazy. they purposefully ram each other’s heads and even try and ram the human when they are being given grain. TC is otherwise known as Tragically Cute looks at the goats like why are you so crazy? He likes being around them and gets upset if taken away. But I am convinced that he can’t understand why they act nuts. He is the tall one of the bunch which is a change since Thaddeus passed. So, he can eat above those crazy goats.

As for the Wolf Pack. Well, they are all doing good. Samuel D Doggy still thinks it is his duty to guard the rig, the humans, and even his dad, Ethan the Farmer. Often finding a perch gives him a unique location with which to patrol and monitor the camp. He still thinks he should sleep on top of the human. even when it’s 80 degrees plus! Can’t understand why he can’t have the bed and the human can sleep on the floor. His number two in the chain of command is Mr. Mortici D Doggy. He is so full of energy that he just bounces with excitement whenever he feels he is called on to defend the camp. Even if it is defending the camp against the great Hackberry wind. Now Ms. Cinnamon D Doggy is fast gaining on Mr. Mortici. She has just as much or more energy and since he is the “Old Man” of the wolf pack she is fast outpacing him. Although she still likes to sneak those doggy kisses when she thinks she won’t get caught. She is also quite the escape artist. But when she gets loose she just runs full speed for a few then comes back like “OK, that was fun. Now what?” Last but not least is Ms.Knight D Doggy. She enjoys the vehicle rides with dad out to the projects and sleeping. She never passes up on the chance to get a snack or snag some trash to investigate for something tender to eat. I think she might be solar-powered, as she is a black lab who lays in the hot sun and suns herself often. She loves sleeping just as close to the human as possible on her back with her paws straight up in the air. Just like the human.

As you can see the critters of the Ambassador Livestock Program are enjoying this time in southwest Louisiana. All of the critters were in several videos, live streams, and even zoom events related to earth day 2021. Please consider donating to help us continue to fund this program.

If you have an event that you would like us to participate in either remotely or physically there. please contact us here. We are available to participate in events, actions, and others as they relate to farms, food, families, and freedom. Look for more videos of our past exploits coming soon.

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