Ambassador Livestock

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc

Give the gift of memories…

Here we are at the Christmas Season and what better way to build memories than to have a personalized video from one of our Ambassador Livestock Critters to your loved one? Not only will you be given a memory that will last a lifetime. We have several options available and are open to creative requests (as long as they don’t go against our parent organizations core beliefs):


Only $1 a Minute with a minimum of $5!

For all of these options below.

We can even sing Christmas Carols and wish your loved ones Merry Christmas!

Animals Availible for Videos:

  • Olaf D Goat
  • Winston D Goat
  • Church Hill D Goat
  • Samual D Doggy (LARGE German Shepard)
  • Cinnamon D Doggy
  • Mortici D Doggy
  • Knight D Doggy
  • Squeakers D Doggy

Options and Fees:

All of the above animals can record and send your specific video message to your desired recipient. Up to five minutes for $30 and a dollar a minute after that.

We can do a LIVE video call with the animal and your recipient for an additional fee of $25/ per fifteen minutes at a scheduled time.

If you would like Ethan The Farmer to speak a message to your recipient that service is available for $25 per fifteen minutes.

A personalized letter or signed photo is available for $25 sent to the address you request.

For Commercial or non-individual use of this service please contact us for rates. If you would like your business or organization marketed by our team with our Ambassador Livestock and Ethan The Farmer as influencers or affiliate marketing across our sites and social media please contact us to discuss.

Build Memories and enjoy a personal message from our

Ambassador Livestock!

All while supporting our efforts to “spread the message of taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom!”

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