Ambassador Livestock

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc

Hey, it’s December…

Here we are in December 2021. Time is flying and the days are getting shorter. While the nights get longer. As the critters here at the Ambassador Livestock Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc are Cozy and Comfy for the winter months ahead.

Several of the animals have new over-winter homes at the “Dogwood Valley” project of Rock Bottom Farms. The goats Winston, Churchhill, and Olaf are enjoying free-roaming the overgrown woodlands. They can’t understand their wolf pack friends’ insistence in chasing every living thing in the great woods. Samual D Doggy, Mortici D Doggy, Cinnamon D Doggy, Knight D Doggy, and Squeakers D Doggy keep a busy schedule of keeping track of all that goes on at the property in rural Alabama, just a half-hour from the metropolis of Birmingham. One of the guest families brought an eighteen-year-old black lab named “Sid” who spends most of her time sleeping. But in a dog’s life what is better? Sleep?

New additions:

Yesterday, December 12, 2021, that same family adopted two cuddly six-month-old cats. While Im not actually sure what their names are as of yet. They enjoyed the warm snuggles of little people and all the many interesting things for cats in this world. They are convinced that there is exciting stuff just on the other side of the windows. As they sit purring like little engines and stretching out to enjoy the sunshine. They are set up in an area in the school bus that has been made into a de facto home, aka “schoolie” these days for the guest family. Along with the dog “Sid”. For now, until they get the hang of woods and rural life. What a wonderful life for homesteading cats.

Dogwood Valley:

We will be building Earthship-type structures on this property. Including a barn for the animals. The plans include a 40-foot circular rammed earth community kitchen and room. To tiny homes, a blacksmith shop, a glasswork studio, woodworking, and even permaculture aspects of agriculture incorporated into a place to rebuild the land, community, families, and people’s lives. We also intend to use this site to stage relief efforts for the ever-growing needs related to the hurricanes that are wreaking havoc on the southeast United States annually. Eventually, this location and the satellite locations will serve as our southeast headquarters for the organization. Feel free to follow us and our founder for continuing updates on this project.

And last but not least this is the holiday season… Merry Christmas from all of us to you and yours. Remember this holiday is for giving to others. Dont become yet another statistic and give in to the corporate greed of materialism. Instead, give the gift of memories and show kindness to others. If everyone stopped supporting the commercialization of the holiday season that would help stem the tide of the takeover of our retail and small business communities by corporate greed.

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