Ambassador Livestock

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc

It takes a lot of funds to keep the Ambassador Livestock Program here at GTKYF Foundation Inc rolling. This last year has been especially taxing on this and many other programs of ours. As of January, we will have been on the road a full year. Having made a difference in many people’s lives and spread the message of farms, food, families, and freedom.

With the cost of the veterinarian bills for Thadous D LLama, and our need to purchase a llama to utilize in this program, we need your help!

This program is on track to end up in the RED. Aka this program has NOT generated the funds to sustain its needs this year. Mostly in part to the loss of our core mascot and the vet bills associated with that. The program currently costs Approximately $800 a month, not including licensing and insurance. Consider sponsoring an animal or making your donation a monthly contribution to help us offset these continued costs.

Please consider DONATING and helping us continue on into the future with this program.


Thank You to all who have supported us on the road over the last year. We have BIG plans for the coming year including some “Street Theater” that will aid in getting our message out. We hope to travel to the west coast and new england from the base location currently in central rural Alabama. Where we are involved in building out the “Dogwood Valley, of Rock Bottom Farms” adventure.

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