Ambassador Livestock

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc



When one looks at our “Ambassador Livestock Program” they wonder what a “Rescue” has to do with the concept of ambassadors, and with the program itself.

Well, from our founding on, we have always been about treating animals, plants, and humans in the most natural manner that we can. Part of working with nature means treating all living things in a humane manner, which big ag and their cohorts seem to have forgotten.

Now, lets circle back to the whole rescue aspect which is part of the humane treatment of dogs and cats, and other animals. Perhaps it’s addressing animals labeled “vicious” (normally it is something that the humans have created via their misunderstanding and lack of ability in relation to the animals) or hoarding situations, or people trying to get involved in agriculture for the wrong reasons. When people lack the proper knowledge or resources to take care of animals, it’s often the animals that suffer. One example is the people who buy chicks and rabbits for Easter, for the children, being unprepared for them to grow up and require a lifelong commitment. Not a good idea! Stick to chocolates.

Anyway, our goal is to fix these problems and rescue the forgotten animals. We strive through this and our parent organization’s many programs to not only help by providing the education, but also deliver resources, and a helping hand.

At this time, we do not operate a physical location for animal rescue. However, several rescued animals are part of our ambassador livestock program. We are also involved in the support of several rescues across the country.


Sometimes, when an animal finds a new home, the issue becomes getting them transportation to that location. We have provided transport for rescue animals, and we have a network of folks that can help with providing the transportation. We have a lot of knowledge and connections to skilled people. Our experts are good at dealing with unique needs when it comes to transportation of animals. Businesses and non-profits can hire us to provide these kinds of services, too.


We feel that when like-minded groups join together and work for a common cause, we are all much stronger and can use our many networks to benefit the group as a whole. If you are a rescue group, transportation company, or some other type of group that would like to align with us as we continue in our mission to spread the message of farms, food, families, and freedom, please feel free to reach out to us via this EMAIL link.

We are also interested in working with other groups, and even small farmers, to develop additional groups of “Ambassador Livestock”. Think of this effort as a petting zoo with an entirely different purpose than just solely profit. We have a goal and a higher purpose of educating the public, and planting the seed of knowledge in their minds. We love working to save the small farmer, and access to local food for generations to come. Those doing Goat Yoga and other similar programs are encouraged to contact us. Please use this link to reach us.

When we treat animals, the environment and others with respect, we are giving them a better life.