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Dog days of summer

Here it is July 2021, and man is it hot. “Dog Days of Summer” as some would call it. We are currently in North Central Arkansas. Many throughout the United States are experiencing record heat and weather extremes. These extremes are especially hard on the animals. Ours are no different. So here are some highlights of the last month as well as the low lights.

“Animals provide a much needed break in the tentsion for the children along our routes. Allowing them to come out of their shells and express themselves. This is one of the many aspects that our Ambassador Livestock of GTKYF Foundation Inc provide as they travel with us.”

*Ethan The Farmer,Founder and Excutive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc.

As of July 15th, 2021 We completed a 90-day stay and involvement in the “Hackberry Relief Project” of our sister program Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Where we were able to work with over a hundred families to help them recover from Hurricane damage caused by Hurricane Laura and Delta. South West Louisiana was hit especially hard, and the government agencies being both state and Federal have basically abandoned the working class of Cammaron and Calasoui Parishes. Right down on the Gulf of Mexcio. The Ambassador Livestock and the Tiny house that is part of the Just Us Riders program were the talk of the town.

The Grand opening of Browns Grocery of Grand Lake.

In Cameron Parish Louisiana an old-time staple took a significant hit from the hurricanes, Laura and Delta. Taking nine months to rebuild the local store for the community. Our Ambassador Livestock Program was able to lend a supportive hand. On the re- Grand Opening, we showed up with bells on. The children and people of the community loved petting, feeding (carrots), and taking pictures with the animals. Providing fond memories and good community relations for all involved.

Tragically Cute, D Alpaca

It is our great sadness to report the untimely demise of Tragically Cute D Alpaca, otherwise known as “TC”. He was the last of the ambassadors leftover from our founder’s original farm. He provided many a good memory from the Democratic National Convention to the Metro at the Inauguration in Washington DC. TC lived his life with purpose and helped reach many a person with the message of “Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom”.

The Night before we left for Arkansas he was bit by a snake we believe and died peacefully in his sleep. He was eighteen years old.

Carrying Forward:

As we strive to reach people with the message of “Farms, Food, families, and Freedom” and provide education to those who may never interact with animals as we take to the streets. We want to be understanding of the way that this weather taxes not only us but the animals. We have been taking the dogs swimming. Along with the humans to try and cool off. And will continue to. As we do not know where we will be called to next we will do all we can to keep the animals safe and healthy.

We will check back in in a few days or weeks… as with many in the activism and relief world, we are on a different time concept. One where we don’t punch a time clock, but instead use all of our working time to make a difference in people’s lives.

Ethan The Farmer, Signing off for…

Sven D Goat, Olaf D Goat, Winston D Goat, Churchhill D Goat, Samual D Doggy, Mortici D Doggy, Cinnimin D Doggy, Knight D Doggy, and Squeakers D Doggy.


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