February 27, 2024

Ambassador Livestock

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc

Natural Weed and Pest Control Services

Are your weeds out of control?

Don’t want to use harsh chemicals?

We have the answer for you!

Natural, affordable weed control and abatement…

Get effective help (with natural solutions) while showing your support for natural family farmers right here at home!

We utilize the following methods and systems to control weeds and pests naturally:

  • Goats – In goat “tractors”, “staked out”, under the shepherd’s watchful eye, or  in a fence system – goats work! Goats are great for a wide variety of weed control, and they often prefer plants that other animals may not eat.  They are also great for dandelion and thistle control, and can be used to clear irrigation ditches and ditch banks.  All of the services involving goats are priced well below the costs for more traditional weed abatement services, can be customized to fit your needs, and involve varying levels of client involvement.
  • Pig Tractors – When you need a level of weed removal that involves turning the soil and digging up the roots of the weeds that are causing the problem, pigs are great at tilling the soil and adding great nutrients for whatever is planned to be planted after the weeds are gone.
  • Chicken Tractors – Chickens are great at de-thatching the grass, aerating, and removing vine weed through their constant scratching and pecking.  They, too, also provide a wonderful source of nutrients and are a great source of nitrogen.
  • Agricultural Burning – Fire is a great way to help build the soil refurbish and provide the needed nutrients to regrow your soil and eliminate those pesky weeds.  We can provide the staff, equipment, and experience to get this done safely.
  • Traditional Weed Pulling – We have the staff (and volunteers) and experience to manually weed any size project.  Sometimes the most environmentally responsible method is to pull those nasty weeds by hand, and compost them under plastic to provide the necessary heat to decompose the weed seeds.

So, when you have a weed mess on your hands, or simply want a natural alternative to all those nasty chemicals –  Call on us!  And remember that all monies raise though this program are reinvested in continuing the fight for food and energy independence.

This Program is currently available in select areas at this time.

Please Email Us to discuss options.

Rural and Urban services are available. Different aspects and services are available nationwide. If you are a farmer who would like to participate in your area- Please contact us.

Thank you for your support of our fight for energy and food independence.



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