Ambassador Livestock

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc

In the News:

Our “Ambassador Livestock Program” has made the news many times over the years…

Through all of the years that our founder Ethan The Farmer has been involved in working with livestock and poultry to raise awareness about social justice issues, (ex: the Trans Pacific Partnership, Anti – GMO’s, etc.) and has been participating in events related to working to spread the message as it relates to farms, food, families, and freedom, media coverage has always been a subject of interest.

Often, as we take to the streets, the media is forced to cover us. Many times, the media doesn’t show a real positive view of us. Yet, as some have said over the years, “there is no such thing as bad press”. In our eyes, all of the press that we get, be it good, bad, or indifferent, has served to make our message heard across the board, and around the world.

Some of our more memorable notations are in the following articles. Take a look to see press outlets covering events that show the way our efforts have indeed made history, and will continue to impact society in a positive way for many years to come.

Good Morning America: (Links coming soon)

Democratic National Convention: (Links coming soon)

Inauguration: (Links coming soon)

Chicago: (Links coming soon)

Saint Louis: (Links coming soon)

Cleveland, Ohio: (Links coming soon)

Gainesville, Florida: (Links coming soon)

From our humble roots and positive mindset, we’ve found a new and diverse way of reaching those who may not normally engage with social activism in Denver, Colorado and beyond. These days, we are actively traveling the country full time with the Just Us Riders – The Adventure Tour. We continue to be an effective voice for those who have no voice.

Why not consider supporting a positive way of making a difference in peoples’ lives? The joy (and brightening of peoples’ days) that the animals bring to those we meet cannot be matched. We rely on Donations and Sponsors to continue to make this a viable longstanding effort – so please consider chipping in!