February 27, 2024

Ambassador Livestock

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc

The Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack:

Our dogs are our loyal pack of protectors. they love and guard the ambassadors. They also look out for the humans and the gear, and any other animals that are part of our group. In the wolf pack, chivalry is not dead!

Here are their stories from their prospective:

  • Knight D Doggy: Well, where do I begin? I was born in an Amish puppy mill type place, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I was sold to a Amish family, and I was way to energetic for the young children. I slept in the horse stables, with the large smelly horses. To this day, I enjoy the aroma and perhaps the flavor of high quality road apples whenever possible, even though my human dad (Ethan The Farmer) has no use for these delicious tender treats. Anyway, the human that was to become my dad saw his apartment burn down on October 1st 2015. The Amish human was one of the lead fireman to fight that fire. Ethan The Farmer lost his service dog, La Tae D doggy in the fire. So, my Amish human gave me to Ethan The Farmer. Ethan the Farmer had me go to school and I became his “Seizure Alert Dog”. So, now when humans are sick and about to act really strange, I try and help them.
  • Mordecai D Doggy: Hey there! I’m the one with bounce in my step. I have so much energy that most humans don’t know what to do with me. I am the arch-enemy of cats, and frankly anything I can chase. I lead the pack in the defense of dad’s rig, and the family. Even though Samuel D Doggy is larger, I am by far more more athletic. I’ve been known to want to fight anyone and anything trying to hurt dad or the family. Dad keeps me separate from other humans, as they don’t seem to like me taste-testing them for snacks later. I tend to want to taste humans if given the chance. Although, I love to give dad snuggles whenever I can. He knows where that special scratch spot is that’s like heaven to us doggies. I don’t mean any harm to the humans, I just don’t know how to express myself any other way. O well, I watch dad’s back and bark super hyper, to let them all know I’m here and protecting the crew.
  • Cinnamon D Doggy: bark, bark, bark… Hey there this is Cinnamon D doggy, and I’m the alarm system of the crew. When I manage to get loose, I tend to tour the neighborhood at about 90 miles per hour.(At least that’s what I say!) Cats… well those are a blast to chase… just like about any other animal or human that likes to play this great fun game we call “chase”. I love my snuggles and to take dad’s blankets, making a perfect snuggly doggy bed, although dad seems very upset when I do these things. I also enjoy autographing everything with my teeth and constantly playing with Mordecai as often as possible. I think it keeps him on his toes, and young. I am the youngest of the pack and have a lot of youthful energy.
  • Samuel D Doggy: Woof Woof Woof… that’s the great Samuel D Doggy bark. I know that my bark and size causes a lot of humans to be scared. I really don’t mean it. I really do crave human connection, and I show a ton of affection to people who I’ve decided to like. My human, (you know him as Ethan The Farmer,) lets me play and spends a lot of time letting me be me and rough house with him. Sometimes I try and get in his bunk and push him out. I love to talk and make a ton of noise. If anyone gets too close to dad’s rig, I make sure to let them know I’m here and that it’s not ok to be that close.