Ambassador Livestock

A Program of GTKYF Foundation Inc

Our family of animals

Here’s an introduction to our current family of ambassadors, and a short section on each of them:

At this time we have the following critters involved in our “Ambassador Livestock Program”:

  • Tragically Cute D Alpaca: Otherwise known as “TC” for short, or when he is in trouble. Tragically Cute is the last of the animals left from the One Badger Farms, the farm that our founder had in Colorado. He loves to talk crap by consistently whining and “telling everyone the alpaca story.” He is very aware of his surroundings, and feels out of place when his friends (the other critters) are not close by. He enjoys quiet walks through the city, smelling and seeing everything. He can be very affectionate and caring, just in his own way.
  • Winston D Goat: Mr. Winston is a goat of goats. He Is the smallest of the four amigos in the goat herd. He likes to sleep behind the water trough, and in general, does his normal goat routine of eating, napping, eating, napping, trying to escape (cause you know the humans are crazy for ever penning goats up), and then telling the humans that they failed to feed the goats, or that the goats have not been given enough in the area of food. He also enjoys nibbling on humans’ clothes, and anything else that might possibly taste good.
  • Church Hill D Goat: Mr. Church Hill is a goat’s goat. He didn’t come to us with this name, but after listening to his long-winded speeches about goats, the moniker just stuck. He firmly stands on the belief that all goats should be free: no more goat pens, no more being told that they cant just run amuck. He lives out his daily life believing in the true spirit of goat freedom.
  • Olaf D Goat: Mr. Olaf D Goat is the bully of the herd. He has decided that ramming the other goats, and Tragically Cute the Alpaca, is a good way to get things done his way. He is fine member of the goat chorus, and makes a lovely song when he wants something. Like a typical goat, he is committed to food, and to committing mischief as often as possible. He is the loyal brother of Sven D Goat and often engages him in his adventures to escape or find more grain.
  • Sven D Goat: Mr. Sven D Goat is a goat committed to finding the next adventure, and enjoys regular attempts to discover all things off-limits. It is very clear to Mr. Sven that the humans do not understand the never-ending need for goats to eat more, and to eat everything. He strives to educate the humans of this situation daily, via his attempts to escape and try new and improved foods and tastes. He also enjoys taste tasting the humans’ clothes and food whenever he is permitted to.
  • The Wolf Pack
    • Knight D Doggy
    • Mordecai D Doggy
    • Cinnamon D Doggy
    • Samuel D Doggy